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Three Weeks In NYC - Day One

Last week I was working at Mall of America during the Super Bowl.

Over a week straight of 11+ hour long days, little sleep, and lots of caffeine. In the midst of it all, during a very quick lunch break, I had a phone interview with a showroom in New York who was looking for Fashion Week interns. It ended with them offering me one of their few positions. I tried my to contain the tears of joy and stay cool, calm, and collected on the phone, but I had never been more excited, or scared, in my life. A couple calls to some friends of friends, the majority of my travel miles later, I was set to spend three weeks in the Big Apple - just one day after the Super Bowl wrapped up.

Going from one chaos to the next I could not believe what I had done. I said goodbye to Mall of America, after seven wonderful months, yesterday and went home to finish packing for this adventure I had always dreamed of, but never thought would happen.

Today, Tuesday February 6th, I left the cold comfort of Minneapolis and hopped on a plane to New York. Well technically it was a plane to Detroit and then Newark, but regardless, tonight I'm in the Lower East Side, staying with my mom's best friend's son and his wife, and still can't believe it. While it's not my first time to New York, it is my first time staying in Manhattan and the first time I don't have my mom by my side going to all the tourist destination. My goal is to try and emanate the life of a New Yorker for these next three weeks to get the best idea of what it would be like to live out here - something I've wanted to do since I was 15.

I think that is the scariest part of getting a taste of dream - what if its not what you thought? What if this dream that you had spent so much time longing for and dreaming of ends up being something that you would hate? But, it is better to find out than wonder what if for the rest of your life.

So, follow along on my three week dream-catching adventure here in Manhattan. I will try my best to post every night, but who knows how any of this will go! I'm just going to try and soak in every single second.


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