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Three Weeks in NYC - Day Two

My internship doesn't start until tomorrow, so I took today try to recuperate a little bit. I caught up on some much needed sleep and then set to the streets of Manhattan.

I had a couple goals for the day: get a Metro Card, figure out the subway system, and find my way to the showroom.

Just two blocks from the apartment, I found the subway station Google told me to go to with ease and headed down the steps. I spent last night looking up the different options for MetroCards and after asking my new friends and hosts, I decided to get the 7-Day Unlimited. I won't be here long enough for the Month Unlimited to be worth it, but will definitely be using the subway a lot.

MetroCard - check

Down a few more flights of stairs I got on the F train. Four stops later I switched to the E, two stops later I popped up on the corner of 8th and 23rd. I didn't get on the wrong train or go the wrong direction - I'm counting that as a win in my book, its the little things!

Subway - check

As for getting the to the showroom, that went a little less smoothly. A wrong turn had me heading Southeast, instead of Northwest, but it didn't take me long to realize. One extra block in the wrong direction isn't so bad. What was worse is the fact that the predicted snow ended up being rain! As a Minnesota girl I can handle snow no problem - but rain is less enjoyable. I made the mistake of wearing sneakers instead of my boots, which led to my feet to slowly get wet. However - a couple of blocks later I made it to the building the showroom is in - another small victory!

Showroom - check

At that point I decided I couldn't go much longer without and umbrella. Ducking out of the rain and into the next store I could find, I started perusing the aisles of CVS. Along with the much needed umbrella, I grabbed a Tide To Go Pen (after sadly realizing my was empty this morning), and some Zicam to ward off an impending cold.

I had wanted to spend my day off walking around, getting to the area I am staying and working in a little more, but the rain left me to work on my computer in Starbucks. A couple of hours later I decided to brave the rain and head back to the Lower East Side. I spent the rest of the day curled up with Netflix, trying to rest before chaos begins again tomorrow.

Even in the rain, I find myself with cheesiest smile - I can't believe I'm in Manhattan!

- Em

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