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Three Weeks in NYC - Day Four

This cold needs to end. I laid in bed until the last possible minute, sniffling away. Finally, I dragged myself out of bed and got ready for another day at the showroom. That thought was enough to get me out into the cool New York air.

There's just something about stepping outside and into the energy of the city that I don't think I could ever get enough of. The buzz of the subway woke me up enough to feel a little more like a person and less like a cold ridden zombie.

My first task of the day was to package the last collection from Mr & Mrs Italy, since we had received the new collection we'll be selling next week and need the rails. Two and half hours later the collection of gorgeous jackets, parkas, coats, and even some ready to wear filled a dozen boxes.

Checking in new collections, steaming them, helping merchandise them, I was starting to feel a part of the showroom. At one point during the day it fell on my lap to run the model casting. These gorgeous girls came in sweet as could be and I was the one welcoming and instructing them. It almost felt like a charade. Four days ago I was sitting in Minneapolis and today these models think I have a part in them getting a job - which I clearly did not. However, as for the one model who showed up 20 minutes after the casting had ended, she thought I was out to get her. She didn't understand why I didn't ask the designer, who already had me send away the girls who were only 10 minutes late, to see her book. Part of me felt like I had too much power, and part of me was shocked that she thought it was acceptable to be 20 minutes late! I understand not everyone shows up unreasonably early as I do, but still!

I got back to steaming after the late model incident and ended up staying 20 minutes late to finish. Which was fine by me, I had no where to be, and I really want this team to value me. However staying late always has its perks!

Just as the person who I report to was sending me home to get some rest. The Director of Sales asked if I was busy tonight. While I was not in the mood to steam another collection or run more boxes to the trash I would've done it. However, I was ecstatic when she mentioned that they were going to a fashion show and I was welcome to join.

Me. Little ole me and a real life New York Fashion Show on the Friday of Fashion Week!!

Easily one of the best nights of my life and one I will never forget. Jill Stuart showed off her latest collection not on the runway, but around the National Arts Club and it was beautiful! The free champagne, the gorgeous cookies, the models standing about in amazing designs - I was trying to keep my cool around my new co-workers.

The Director of Sales from the showroom kept me by her side and introduced me as "our fabulous intern" to everyone she talked with. At that point in time I no longer had a cold, I didn't have any more reservations about New York, or fashion - I was over the moon. Not only was I introduced to the stylist of the show, but none other than Jill Stuart herself!

As if the night was already amazing, I spotted one of my favorite fashion Youtubers across the room and even got a swag bag on my way out the door.

I still can't believe it actually happened. I can't wait to see what the rest of this adventure has in store for me!

- Em

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