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Three Weeks in NYC - Day Five

While last night was wonderful, today reality hit hard.

No more denying this stupid cold.Sniffing, sneezing, staying in bed until noon and still feeling exhausted. This meant adventuring around the Big Apple would have to wait.

I set up shop on the couch and started a movie marathon. After movie number two and trying to decide what to watch for number three I made the decision that fresh air - and eating something other than a granola bar - would be good. So all bundled up, I ventured into the slow, steady rain that had been falling all day. Trying to stay somewhat productive, I made small goals for the this outing: finally get some groceries (which means finding a grocery store), eat some real food, and to find Doughnut Plant.

My first time in New York, as we were walking from the Williamsburg bridge to Chinatown, we asked a couple on the street if we were going the right direction. They reassured us and told us that an amazing doughnut shop was on the way - and boy were they right. Four years later and I still remember that doughnut enough to make it part of my goal for the day, hence Doughnut Plant.

My sweet tooth took a priority over logic, so I set out for Doughnut Plant first. On the way I came across a grocery store only two blocks from the apartment - perfect distance to do some stocking up on the way home. Just around the corner and I found my first goal - Doughnut Plant. My memory didn't fail me and I had one of the most beautiful and delicious doughnuts of my life.

Starting to feel better I decided to walk around a little more before getting groceries. Meandering through the streets of the city helped me feel better and just made me want to stay in New York longer, but alas the couch was starting to call my name again.

Navigating back to the apartment, I found the grocery store again and went from wandering streets to wandering narrow aisles. Stocking up on Vitamin C rich food, tea, and easy to make salad fixings, I checked another thing off my list. And right next door was a take out Chinese restaurant, leaving me with nothing left that I needed to do and I headed back to my spot on the couch, choosing movie number three.

I wanted to try and do something more productive and walking around definitely made me feel better, but not enough to start applying for jobs- it is the weekend after all.


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