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Three Weeks in NYC - Day Six

I slept in until noon again, but I felt much better than yesterday! Still a little sick, but better none the less. Which meant today I had to do more than watch movies, so after some coffee I set to editing my resume - which is a job in itself.

Honestly, it took me at least three hours to complete but I finally did it! Just in time for coffee plans too. One of my sorority sisters goes to NYU for grad school and had time this evening to meet up.

We went to Bluestone Lane in Astoria Place, definitely a great place for coffee and chocolate croissant - or a chai tea latte I should say. Either way it was delicious and the perfect excuse to get out for the day.

A low-key evening to end a low-key day. While this may not have been the most exciting day in New York, it was good to lay low before tomorrow - when the real work starts. That's right - tomorrow market begins for the showroom and this intern has to be in Chelsea by 8:30 am, as it will be for the next weeks.

So I enjoyed the calm before the storm - if only I could go to bed early, but sleeping in until noon always has its down sides.


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