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Three Weeks in NYC - Day Three

Big day. Really big day. Huge.

Today, Thursday February 8th, 2018 is my first official day in the fashion industry. Yes, I am just an intern, with no plans after these three weeks are up - but I could not be more excited!!

The subway was a breeze and at 9:40 am I stood outside of the Chelsea Arts Building, where I stood for 10 minutes because I didn't want to be too early. Promptly at 9:50 I decided it was an acceptable time to head inside and make my way up to the showroom.

I stepped off the elevator and entered a place I felt was truly magical. Across the room there were racks of collections, painters were working hard to create the perfect light and airy atmosphere. At the back of the room was the team I will spend the rest of fashion week with.

I jumped right in, working on any and all tasks, large or small, that was asked of me. Organizing the kitchen, wiping down counters, cleaning up empty boxes, unpacking boxes - so many boxes. I loved every single second. I unpacked three collections from designers today and it felt like Christmas morning. ReDone, Bella Freud, and Alani The Gray. Checking in the pieces against the spreadsheets of what we were supposed to receive, I felt like I was a small piece of the machine that is the fashion industry. Whether you realize it or not it is an industry that affects us all. What we choose to wear everyday is one of simplest forms of self expression, and I was a part of it.

I'm already picking and choosing my favorite garments. The ones I'll root for during appointments next week. I was the only intern there today, but by next week there will be four of us. Armed with drink trays, steamers, and prepared to dress models at the drop of a hat - I can't wait.

I ended the work steaming out a collection compiled mainly of sweaters - or Jumpers since the designer is from London. Floating out of the showroom, I headed back to the Lower East Side.

I stopped for pizza on the way and called it an early night. The only thing that could make this time better is if I didn't have a cold.

Three days in and I am falling in love with Manhattan a little more, every second.

- Em

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