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I just got back from a weekend in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and when a doughnut lover spends a day in Portland, VooDoo is a must!

"Great things come in pink boxes" is the truth! Iconic VooDoo doughnuts have an eclectic collection of raised and cake doughnuts. With some of the most unique flavors and even more unique names you can't go wrong with anything on the menu.

I was still on a bubble gum kick from visiting The Great Gum Wall in Seattle the day before, so I opted for the VooDoo Bubble - complete with a piece of Double Bubble on top!

I also go a Homer keep for breakfast the next morning. As for my group of family I was with, Dirty Old Bastard and the classic Voodoo doll - complete with a pretzel stake through the heart - we all voted favorites.

So if given the chance, hit up VooDoo and find out for yourself how great those things in the pink boxes are!

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