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When Graduation is 39 Days Away

Spring semester is rough. Always. Period. As opposed to fall semester, instead of days getting shorter and colder, we finally are getting to feel the sunshine again. The promise of the sweet freedom of summer is almost in our grasps. We no longer need to wear dozens of layers outside (at least those of us from Minnesota). There's a tweet going around comparing senioritis to spring semester,but image both at once. That's right, spring semester senior year, a mere 39 days until walking across a stage in an arena full strangers in non flattering gowns to get a diploma cover. That's where I'm at trying to balance an internship, part time job, a couple class, a senior thesis, and my inevitable entry to into the so called "real world' and how does one cope with all this? By looking at pics from happier times during Homecoming

and making a website of course! At precisely 1:45 am two days before the first draft of that thesis you haven't started yet is due, because why the hell not.

Stick around for the ups and downs of adulting and just working towards my glory days living it up in a big city, which can be easier said than done, but hey that's life. That's all for now, I promise to have real insight soon (at least I hope!).



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